Vote Wizard – Viral Facebook Voting Script

Vote Wizard is a tiny little Facebook script that has huge power if used well.

It’s working for members of FBFire and it’s working for me personally.

There are no up sells here.

Here is a super quick explanation of what it does..

You create a quick poll in the admin panel.

It looks like this:


Ideally something that your audience has an opinion on. A deep interest in.

They then submit there vote and click ‘OK’ for Facebook’s permission to count the vote and tell there friends about it.


Once they’ve done that they get access to the results – and you give them a reason to submit their email. This could be a free report, a video, or an interview.

Something related to the subject matter.


When they submitted there vote Facebook automatically put there opinion on there Facebook ‘News Feed’ for all of their friends to see.


This creates the viral effect.

There friends will see it and vote. And in the meantime you create a huge mailing list (if you’ve chosen the subject matter correctly and given a good enough reason for them to sign up to your list.


To use this you need web hosting that supports PHP and MySQL.

Download Mirror #1
Download Mirror #2
Download Mirror #3